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Farm Sampler Bundle - $125

A great way to sample what our farm has to offer at a discounted price. Choose the cuts you would like to try from the list. Enjoy!!

Farm Sampler Bundle - $125 (Choose Up to 12.5 Points)

QtyPointsProductPackageTotal Points
1.00Ground Beef1 package of ground beef | Approx 1 pound
1.00Chorizo Sausage1 package of bulk chorizo sausage | Approx 1 pound
2.00Bacon1 package of smoked bacon | Approx 1 pound
1.50Pork Osso Bucco1 package of pork osso bucco/fresh shanks | Approx 3 pound
0.65Pastured Chickens Parts1 package of chicken drumsticks | Approx 1.5 pound
1.00Rose' Veal1 Ground Veal | Approx 1 Pounds
3.50Rose' Veal1 Loin Chops | Approx 1.5 Pound
4.50Smoked Ham1 smoked ham (half) | Approx 4.24 pound
3.50Bottom Round or Rump Roasts1 Rump Roast | Approx 3.75 pounds
You have selected products that have more points than allowed.

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